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Answer: Its either by the hour or by the job.

Our company charges by the job.

Here’s why “by the job” compared to “by the hour” is better for you:

When we look at your project and give you an estimate…98% of the time that price is final.

That means you know what you will be charged before anything begins. And it will be in writing ! With other services that charge by the hour, you won’t know what you will be charged till the work is finished.



Handyman Los Angeles comes to your house at no charge, looks at the jobs to be done, and provides a free written estimate. 

However, if you provide a list of your projects by text, email, or voicemail, we can often estimate the work [ in writing ] without coming out to your address. This can save time. The more detail you give the better.

Tip: Sending us a list in advance in as much detail as you can give, allows us to estimate it more accurately. For example, saying “I need my garbage disposal fixed” is a bit vague… so tell us what its doing ? Providing additional facts such as “It leaks water out the bottom when I run it” or “It doesn’t run and makes a buzzing sound when I turn it on” gives us a much better idea of the problem.


There are websites that provide typical price ranges for projects.

Here are a few. Look for Sites that provide prices based on zip code or general location.

 1. Homewyse                                     https://homewyse.com/   

2. Costhelper                                       http://home.costhelper.com/

3. RemodelingCalculator                    https://www.remodelingcalculator.org/

Get it in writing

A written agreement benefits both parties: The company gets to describe the project in detail so you know what to expect.  You the homeowner knows what the bill will be…and that it is due at completion.

Handyman Los Angeles Tips and Info

Increase Curb Appeal

If you need some projects done at your home and none are too large or complex requiring dedicated plumbers and electricians , it will almost always save you money to hire a Professional Handyman Service. For example, a typical list for us at Los Angeles Handyman Services might be to 1. Replace a garbage disposal, then 2. Move an electrical outlet 3. Hang a new mirror, and finally 4. Adjust a door that doesn’t close properly. Depending on how each task goes, all 4 projects might be completed in one day or up to 2 days.

Talk to Us

Please call 310-382-6647. 

We are here Monday thru Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.


At Angie’s List we have an “A” overall rating. If you wish to read those reviews, do a free signup at Angie’s list and in the search box, type in  “HANDYMAN LOS ANGELES”

Or If you use “Google Maps” and would like to rate your experience with us, type  “HANDYMAN LOS ANGELES” into Google Maps and choose a 1 to 5 star rating

Text Us

It’s the quickest way to reach us.

If you text your project or list, we can often provide quotes without viewing them. If we do need to see it, we come out at no charge

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